Dec 29, 2010

Gotcha !!!

"My 35 Minutes survey"
once read it , i'm tagging you
cik ain boleh terkena plak kan
duk sibuk2 jd stalker kat salah satu blog kesukaan cik ain
last2 menempah keje utk mlm ni plak
thx to miss Bella

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating ok?

Starting time:11.36pm
Name :Noraisyah Binti Sukimi / Shca / Lula / Ain
Brother(S) :none
Eye colour : dark chocolate ... maybe black
Shoe Size : 9 ( american sizes k ... bkn gajah )
Hair : Wavy and dark brown
Piercing : yes. just one ...
Height : 165 ( perasan tinggi jap )
What are you wearing right now : long sleeve shirt + kain batik = Gadis ayu
Where do you live :Segamat , Johor
Favourite Number : 1
Favourite Drink : aiyo cik ain bantai je semua air yg blh diminum ...
Favourite month : OCTOBER ( hadiah2 )
Favourite Breakfast : Nasi Lemak ( nyum2 )


Broken a bone : once ... on my ankle
Been In a police Car :ish. mintak dijauhkan
Fallen for a friend : erm ... yes
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : erm ... yes ... adoi
Swam In the ocean : the best r beb
Fallen asleep In school : keje tetap dlu2
Broken someone's Heart : yes, my first BF ... menyesal nye
Cried when someone died :yes.
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : yes ( tp dia x cal n tats make me cried whole week )
Saved E-mails : melambak ... x pernah padam
Been cheated : ONCE ! so damn @#$%


Your room look a like : now , sangat tongkang pecah
What is right beside you : my handbag , Vivaz , tissues , remote TV n BOF's dvd
What is the last thing you ate : nasi lemak telur n satay ... super duper delicious


Who did you last tell : erm ...
Who was the last person you danced with : Atiq , ms karaoke ... BOSANOVA
Who last made you smile : atiq n teha


What are you listening to right now : midnite news ... daaa boring ...
What did you do today : br balik dr klang , bersihkan umah sewa , shooting
Are you the oldest : lebih kureng r ... anak tunggul
Indoors or outdoors : indoors n sikit2 outdoors r


Talk to someone you like : no ...
Kiss someone : yes !!! MUMMY
Sing : dlm keta ... hahahaha
Talk to an Ex : ooo no no no ... 1st thing in my NO NO list
Miss someone? : yes ... him ( tp dia x windu saya )
Eat : mau mati plak x makan ... mestila


You talked on the phone to : ikin ... suh balik sgmt cpt
Made you cry : atiq ... kaunseling dlm keta otw g kl
You went to the mall with : mak cu , mak teh n atiq
Who cheered you up : erin ... gosip babe


Been to Mexico? : perlu ke g sana ... membazir je
Been to USA ?: pernah2 ... dlm mimpi geeee


Have a crush on someone : sensitive r soalan ni ... but the answer is yes
What books are you reading right now : Face BOOK
Best feeling in the world : to LOVE n to be LOVE
Future kids name : G / B / K / N / D / Z n Q ... semua satu huruf je. e.g: G binti Muhamad
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : yes ... my bucuk
What's under your bed : hahaha seriusly x yah tau ... kang pengsan plak
Favourite sports : sports ??? kahkahkah ...
Favorite place : beach
Who do you really hate :  FEW PEOPLE
Do you have a job :im student r ...
What time is it now :12.11 am

With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My __ Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples.

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