Jan 13, 2012

To my future husband

annyeong semua , sorry la post lula kali ni berunsur peribadi sikit ... just wanna share something with u guys . erm korg percaya x cinta pertama tu might be ur ultimate love ??? First love lula is when was 8 years old . hahahaha mcm lawak je kan kecik2 dah pandai nk cintan cintun but that is the reality . until now can still remember what we do together ( korg jgn nk pikir bukan2 ea , it just an 8 years old kid things only ). both of us meet at madinah ms lula n family buat umrah. dia pun sama gak ... dia buat umrah with his family too . but tragically dun remember his name but I'm pretty sure that he was older than me for around 1 or 2 years old.

Klu lula ckp ni maybe korg rs mcm x logik , but lula dpt rs yg I will end up marrying him . hahahaha tak tau r knp tp lately lula terasa jodoh kuat ngan dia ... which is someone I dun ever know  where he might be , what he do or even how he look ... crazy kan ? but i do feel he's near now ... hahahaha ... might not in term of distance but maybe ms untk lula jumpa balik dgn dia dah dekat ... waaaaaa statement panas jap ... hehehe takdir ALLAH x de sape tau kan .

All my previous puppy love in school and even during diploma tu semua jd pengajaran untk lula ... pengalaman ... hahaha mcm2 lula dah rs ... pahit manis suka n duka ... x de dendam but should thx them all ... tanpa diorg lula x mungkin jd pe lula skrg . hehehe

So to my future hubby ... paili2 ... I'm waiting for u ... n hope u r next man in my life till the end of my life .. love u

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  1. Hamboiii...semoga cepat jumpa dengannya ye...



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