Oct 15, 2012

1st love ?

annyeong semua , sorry la post lula kali ni berunsur peribadi sikit ... just wanna share something with u guys . erm korg percaya x cinta pertama tu might be ur ultimate love ??? First love lula is when was 8 years old . hahahaha mcm lawak je kan kecik2 dah pandai nk cintan cintun but that is the reality . until now can still remember what we do together ( korg jgn nk pikir bukan2 ea , it just an 8 years old kid things only ). both of us meet at madinah ms lula n family buat umrah. dia pun sama gak ... dia buat umrah with his family too . but tragically dun remember his name but I'm pretty sure that he was older than me for around 1 or 2 years old.

Lula teringin sangat nk jumpa dia skrg ... how was he ?? hehehe hopefully berjodoh la ktorg untuk berjumpa ... PEACE <3>

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